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London Volleyball : All London National Final
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2018/3/12 11:50:00 (92 reads)

Under 16 boys and girls (Volleyball England championship)
Greenhouse/Malory Eagles and Richmond boys' wins
The boys could not have done better. The girls of Richmond did extraordinarily well but fell in the semi finals. The London Association congratulates them all and looks forward to National Finals week-end, also at the National Volleyball Centre on 15th April.

Richmond A swept all before them in Pool A of the boys' competition beating Wessex, Newcastle, Staffs and Boswells School A in succession. Greenhouse Malory Eagles were equally impressive in Pool B, overcoming Haughton, New Forest Cadets and London's other side through to the last eight, Chadwell Heath. In the semi finals Richmond beat New Forest in a close game and Greenhouse Malory Eagles overcame Boswells in an even closer one.

Like their male counterparts, the girls of Richmond A came through Pool A with little trouble but with a little anxiety in one set against Black Country A and Westminster who were to finish third after a comfortable win against Beach Academy's "Breakers". Richmond B finished last in Pool B but not without the kudos of taking one eventual finalist, Tameside to three sets and performing well against the other, Beach Academy's "Waves". They also went down in two sets to Boswells. Richmond A lost in three sets to Tameside in the first semi final while "Waves" beat Black Country A in the other.

Pool A
Richmond A beat Wessex, 25:17 25:23
Richmond A beat Newcastle, Staffs, 25:12 25:8
Richmond A beat Boswells A, 25:18 25:21

Pool B
Greenhouse Malory Eagles beat Haughton, 25:8 25:9
Greenhouse Malory Eagles beat New Forest Cadets, 25:11 27:25
Greenhouse Malory Eagles beat Chadwell Heath, 25:4 25:8
Chadwell Heath lost to Haughton, 20:25 17:25
Chadwell Heath lost to New Forest Cadets, 17:25 13:25

Semi finals
Richmond A beat New Forest Cadets, 25:21 25:20
Greenhouse Malory Eagles beat Boswells School 25:21 25:22

Pool A
Richmond A beat Beach Academy "Breakers" 25:6 25:14
Richmond A beat Black City A, 25:22 25:12
Richmond A beat Westminster 25:6 25:22
Westminster beat Beach Academy "Breakers" 25:20 16:25 15:10
Westminster lost to Black Country A, 25:22 8:25 9:15

Pool B
Richmond B lost to Tameside, 16:25 26:24 7:15
Richmond B lost to Beach Academy "Waves" 13:25 17:25
Richmond B lost to Boswells School, 17:25 12:25

Semi finals
Richmond A lost to Tameside, 25:17 23:25 9:15
Beach Academy "Waves" beat Black Country A 25:21 25:20

National Volleyball Centre, Kettering, 11th March

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