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Men's Div. 2 A : IVA Persia take set off Onyx
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2018/3/7 16:21:12 (139 reads)

Onyx B beat IVA Persia (Men’s D2A - London Volleyball League)
18:21 21:11 21:13 21:12

Unchanging line breached
IVA travelled to Harrow with the minimum six players and made an impressive start against a side with a much better record before fading badly for the next three sets.

They hit their host hard in the opening set quickly opening up a 0:3 gap before extending it to 2:8. Onyx then settled and closed to within a single point at 11:12 when IVA took a time-out to change tactics slightly. Then they deservedly held out to the end of the set.

From then on, however, they changed nothing. The same six players, the same rotational order, Not even a coach at the side to take a dispassionate view. Essentially, the same plays and with just a single time out in three sets to discuss the situation. Onyx were able to anticipate and counter. IVA did not play badly but Onyx had relatively little difficulty and at no time from the end of the first set were they behind.

Their second place in the league table remains secure.

Jewish Free School, Harrow, date

Onyx B
Starting Six: Artem Chubarov, Filipe de Almeida, Ales Opatrny. Janusz Piatek, Luciano Quercia (captain). Audrius Tracauskas.
Libero: Heiner Alzate.
Other players: Jezy Jurgelianecas.
Coach: Heiner Alzate.

IVA Persia
Starting six: Mohammad Aghili, Faraz Arjmandi, Arash Mohammadi, Mohsen Navaei (captain), Yosef Samari, Kasra Tahery.
Other players:
Coach: Mohsen Navaei.

Referee: Sepppideh Yousefi.

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