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Men's Div. 2 B : Proud Lynx rattle Pride
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2018/3/7 9:35:24 (131 reads)

Lionhearts Pride beat Lynx 2 (Men’s D2B - London Volleyball League)
21:13 21:19 24:22

Third set scare for elders
The game started at twenty past four. As half past five approached, it started to look as though we were in for a long afternoon. Then Lionhearts Pride's nerves held and Lynx 2's hopes of shocking the division frustrated.

Pride selected two new players for the match and one of them, Alessandro Quaranta, was chosen for the starting six while the other, Daniel Chong, initially sat on the bench. Alessandro played well enough to be kept on court for the entire game and Daniel so well that, having impressed during the second set was recalled at a desperate moment in the third to save the situation. Lynx's newcomer G D Gama also played well enough during the time he was seen: most of the third set, but suffered a tactical substitution as Pride began to recover from the place his performance had helped to secure.

Lynx were caught cold at the start of the game. Within a few minutes they were 7:0 down. After that, they played very well indeed and recovered to 13:17 before losing their way challenged by some great serving by Matej Sprla.

After Pride had led 6:2 in the second, Lynx recovered to 8:9 and the rest of the set was tense with nothing between the sides and excellent play by both. Late in the set Lynx led 17:19 and a surprise looked to be on the cards. However, side-out rotated Matej to serve again and they seemed to tense up and, despite Gary Beckford's encouragement in a time-out at 19:all, Pride took the set.

It was Pride's turn to look shaken as the third set began and Lynx took a 0:5 lead. However, they then settled but found it tough to recover the ground lost as their guests continued to play very well. Not until 17:all were they on terms and not until 23:22 did they take the lead. That point rotated Janaazie Coppin to serve and he emulated his captain's demeanour from the previous sets and put in a testing serve that led to the victorious point.

A good advertisement for London second division volleyball.

Green Spring Academy, Bethnal Green, 4th March

Lionhearts Pride
Starting six: Janaazie Coppin, Trevys David, Efenikos Erdongan, Paolo Montalbano, Alessandro Quaranta, Matej Sprla (captain).
Libero: Dino Vo.
Other players: Daniel Chong, Peter Wu.
Coach: Paolo Montalbano,

London Lynx 2
Starting Six: Aidan Gayadeen, Aaron Higgins, Michael Nguyen (captain), Xuanthe Nguyen, Wicktor Szatanolu, David Tran.
Other players: G D Gama.
Coach: Gary Beckford.

Referee: Frazer Er.

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