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Men's Div. 2 A : Southall plans shredded by Onyx
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2018/2/14 11:30:00 (254 reads)

SGSS Southall lost to Onyx B (Men’s D2A - London Volleyball League)
13:21 17:21 8:21

Chaotic start ends with disappointing close
Southall’s match did not go to plan with one event outside the club's control and one it could influence on the day.

Just before the match the Southall team captain had to dash off to A&E as his young daughter was unwell; it was partly precautionary and the good news is that she is okay. However this caused considerable havoc in the preparations as he had the balls, some kit, another player with him, and the referee stand lock key with his car keys at the hospital. It was 50-50 if he could make it. Raj Sangha eventually turned up at the hall with old kit, large cutters and an angle grinder and extension lead to cut the referee stand lock should we have to. Compounding this was local road-works which meant buses and those travelling by car from Southall were stuck in back to back traffic. Fortunately our captain made it just in time, as we had the angle grinder primed to cut in the hall store.

Onto the match itself. The previous match had been surprisingly close so this time Onyx B had arrived early and with their full squad. Southall were also boosted by the return of three additional players at their home match, from their good performance against the league leaders SQUAD two days earlier. This provided Southall’s coach a welcome but troublesome headache as he fielded technically the best six and dropped two of the players from Sunday's game for the start. Both teams got off to a good start as each weighed up the strengths and playing style of their opponents. The first part of the set was fairly even and provided good entertainment for the small group of supporters who were present. Unfortunately Southall though could not get until any core rhythm and made a number of unforced errors. Onyx upped the tempo and serve pressure combined with the inconsistency in Southall’s attack left only one winner as Onyx broke away to win set 1 comfortably.

Set 2 was the best of the evening. Southall tweaked their line-up and were now beginning to settle into their new format. Onyx took an early lead and kept the small points gap as the set reached the final quarter. With the gap remaining at five points, Southall’s coach then made a surprise double substitution taking off both first choice outside hitters and giving his squad players an opportunity. The new players' fresh legs and positive attitude seemed to lift Southall as to the surprise of everyone they began to claw back points, with consistent if unspectacular play. The gap started to close, again Southall kept it simple and easy and won more rallies. Eventually at 16:17 Southall then returned the core hitters back on court to go for the win! Another point to Southall and all even at 17-17! Onyx then took a time-out to settle. The home team crowd were delighted, was this the big turning point of the night. Sadly for Southall and to the credit of Onyx is was not, as the time out did wonders for Onyx as they too simplified their attack and won back to back points to finish on a high and take the set with a four point margin.

Set 3 started off evenly but a super serve sequence by Onyx's Luiz Duarte wining a run of eight points killed off any expectation of a recovery by Southall, who by now seemed deflated. They could not quite get the rhythm as on Sunday against SQUAD. It really was a case of too many cooks spoil the broth! A valuable lesson for Southall’s Coach on what was a very enjoyable evening regardless of the result for the home side. Raj Sangha commented to this players afterwards that Onyx are the other best team in this league and their quality came out on the day. We will learn and adapt from what was in the end a comfortable win for Onyx.

Dormers Wells Sports Centre, Southall, 13th February

SGSS Southall
Starting Six: Rajinder Sangha, Satinder Sangha, Arvinder Singh, Janpal Singh, Rajinder Singh, Shamsher Singh (captain)
Other players: Luke Ellis-Cload, Charanjit Singh, Kulwant Singh, Pardeep Singh.
Coach: Rajinder Sangha.

Onyx B
Starting Six: Filipe de Almeida, Luiz Duarte, Michael Hannon, Ales Opatrny, Luciano Quercia (captain), Audrius Tracauskas,
Libero: Jordan Joven
Other players: Heiner Guzman.
Coach: Heiner Guzman.

Referee: Andrew Kwiatkowski

Match report kindly provided by Rajinder Sangha

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