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Men's Div. 2 A : SQUAD hold form against Southall
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2018/2/12 16:40:00 (141 reads)

SQUAD beat SGSS Southall (Men’s D2A - London Volleyball League)
21:15 21:16 21:15

Title chasers keep up the pace
The home team are the only unbeaten side of the sixteen playing in the second division and they maintained their challenge for the title and promotion in an excellent display against a lowly, but improving Southall side.

The first set had begun well for Southall and they actually led 9:11 at the half-way point but Artur Zapalowski rotated to serve when they lost the next rally and he so pressured the back court that the visitors were behind 19:12 when they eventually won another point and they were not going to be given the chance to take the set from there although determined play did enable them to win three more rallies.

Two changes to the line-up did not bring immediate success for SQUAD but play was close to 7:all and Pricilla Alves decided she needed a few firm words at 7:9. They did the trick and the score mounted slowly until they were ahead at 18:16 from which point, confidence restored, they proved the masters.

Yet Southall bounced right back and the first half of the third set was as close as the others although it was SQUAD that held the edge and, having taken a three point lead at 13:10, kept that margin through to 18:15 when a Southall time-out and a change of tactic took them by surprise and the visitors closed to 16:15. Sadly for the Southall supporters hoping for another set (or two) they could not sustain the pressure and, having won a side-out, SQUAD showed their true colours in closing out the match in some style.

"On paper it was a Man United v Swansea tie," said Raj Sangha reporting on the game. He feels his attitude coaching seems to be getting through. "We certainly enjoyed the day and it is really encouraging to hear others comment on actual technical improvements –music to a coach’s ears," he added. He appreciated the feedback from Fiona Cotterill (second official) and the SQUAD team opinion that they had improved considerably since their previous match. SQUAD had a bit in reserve, Raj thought, but it was nice that they had forced them to use it to roughly the half way stage in each set. " From our side, I think it was one of our best performances of the season," he concluded.

Raj added that he thought the officials the best he had seen in this league to date – two very competent scorers (Weng Sam Choi and Cheryl Lau) whom we are pleased to name, with excellent fully qualified first and second referees. "The venue was brilliant with the colour court markings and made me want to play at a higher level again! Credit and thanks to the SQUAD team for making us welcome and a very enjoyable event," he concluded.

Jin Ng, SQUAD team secretary as well as libero, was equally complimentary about his opponents, "Southall have incredible team spirit and sense of celebration (and are incredibly loud on court, but in a good way)," he said.

Then he described one incident which should be a lesson to us all:
There was a moment when the ball was shanked out of court on our side, and one of their players prematurely celebrated the point, grabbing on to the net before the ball landed on the floor, and Ana - who kindly stepped in at the last minute to ref - had to call a net touch and award the point to SQUAD.

Bacons Sports Centre, Rotherhithe, 11th February

Starting Six: Scott Anderson, Egor Nikishin, Raphael Ruijsenaars, Georgi Stanev, Luis Vigar, (captain).
Libero: Jin Ng
Other players: Alessandro Ananasso, Daniele Liberatori, Maciej Pajak, Jun Ming Zhang.
Coach: Pricilla Alves.

SGSS Southall
Starting Six: Rajinder Sangha, Arvinder Singh, Charanjit Singh, Janpal Singh, Kulwant Singh, Shamsher Singh (captain).
Other players: Pardeep Singh.
Coach: Rajinder Sangha.

Referee: Ana Oliveira.

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SGSS at end of the match
Photograph Rajinder Sangha

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