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Men's Div. 2 B : Giants hit form and Dynasty
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2018/2/11 12:10:00 (180 reads)

Giants 2 beat Dynasty (Men’s D2B - London Volleyball League)
21:11 14:21 21:18 21:15

Four great sets at Caius House
An unexpected if not unpredicted success for Giants 2 came in Saturday's (10th February) win against Dynasty. The visitors had arrived with a fairly small squad that included two players, experienced ones but making their first appearance of the season, in Weng Chong and Humphrey Leung. While for Giants, Idijwa, the pride of Benin and celebrating becoming new father, was in a rampant mood that infected the entire squad,

These factors helped produce an compelling encounter helped by an atmosphere induced by a warm-up match and a structured, disciplined warm up from both teams. Then, after a scrappy opening rally, the match turned out to be an excellent one. There was nothing between the sides for the first third of set one then, with the scores 7:6, followed a long rally that each side looked to have won only for their opposition to save the situation and continue it. Eventually it went Giants' way and Dynasty spirits seemed to sink as Giants' rose. It was not long before they were changing ends.

Parity restored at the start of the second, Dynasty gradually improved while Giants looked less focussed and sometimes were failing to go for their shots. Gradually the visitors got on top and, despite a time-out at 10:14, looked even more confident especially in a great smash off the block on the left flank by Steve Leung and an ace serve by Humphrey that clipped the side line. As the set slipped away, Giants became more reckless, epitomised by an attempted short attack through the middle by new signing, Nicola Neri who had only come onto court at 13:19 and not previously played in a match with setter, Stefano Valloni. Nicola is a tall man who played well in the rest of the game and who clearly will be executing this move with relish in the rest of the season but it was surely an unwise choice of attack if saving the set was the aim.
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As in the first set, Giants and Dynasty battled for supremacy in the early stages of the third and Dynasty appeared to have achieved it when they stretched away to 5:12 during a spell of hard, accurate serving by Uayporn Seeta that stunned Giants. A model short attack through the middle by John-Michael followed by a great block involving him and Matthias Cuciniello restored Giants' resolve and a period of excellent play took them from 9:15 to 18:15 as Dynasty took their turn at being over-ambitious.

Dynasty continued to look as though they were trying too hard as the fourth set got under way while Giants play became untidier but yet more effective. They stretched an early lead to 13:9 only to see a period of concentrated strong play by Libon bring their opponents level at 14:all. Such was the determination of the home side, however, that their opposition never got in front and they slowly edged further ahead although it was a bit of an anti-climax as set point was resolved by a Dynasty double touch that created an explosion of Giants joy.
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Photo of Giant's celebrating kindly provided by Gesine Dopslaff

Caius House Youth Centre, Battersea, 10th February

Giant Men 2
Starting Six: Sami Essaiem, Idjiwa, Gabriele Martella, Nazzareno Scaglia, Emilio Torres, Stefano Valloni (captain).
Libero: Tomohisa Makino.
Other players: Matthias Cuciniello, Wenhao Li, Jean-Michael, Nicola Neri, Radek Szymanski.
Coach: Guilia Ponti.

Starting Six: Weng Chong, Libon Fung, Humphrey Leung, Steve Leung. Uayporn Seeta, Mark Shek (captain).
Libero: Green Guo,
Other players: Cary Marcelo,
Coach: T Yamamoto.

Referee: Ruggero Palazzo.

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