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Men's Div. 2 B : Rebels leapfrog Lionhearts
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2018/1/31 15:00:00 (110 reads)

Lionhearts Pride lost to Red Rebels (Men’s D2B - London Volleyball League)
14:21 20:22 21:14 12:21

Race for title remains close
With the sides showing two/three loss record so far this season, this was a crucial fixture for both and, playing away in the Olympic Park, Rebels took the honours to make it 3/3.

They took a little time to settle in the cavernous hall and the opening exchanges were even and a core of 10:all reached after one rotation of servers. With Denzil Faure serving, Rebels started to get the upper hand and they steadily outscored their hosts to take the first set.

The same pattern continued in the second. Although both teams were playing well, Rebels were proving to be the more effective and their advantage grew as the scores mounted until they looked to be in complete control at 15:20. Side out then brought Trevys David to serve. He is one of the division's best and, with Jeff Fraioli, Matej Sprla and Peter Wu at the net, Pride levelled the scores at 20:all despite a Rebels time-out at 17:20. Rebels brought back Massimo Esposito in position six who had sat out the set for Val Grisenkov up to that point. That earned side-out. Massimo served. Rebels were two sets to the good.

Exciting play continued in the third set with the teams taking turns to hold the lead until Pride raced from 8:9 to 16:9, playing very well but with Rebels unable to respond as they had up to that point and, from 16:9, once again the points were shared.

Denzil must have produced a most effective team talk as the teams changed ends for Rebels took the first rally in emphatic style and quickly moved to an 8:13 lead before raising the tempo once again and racing to 8:18. It was all over as a contest. Every successive rally went to the side receiving serve and Rebels were home and dry.

Copper Box, QEOP, 29th January

Lionhearts Pride
Starting six: Trevys David, Efenikos Erdongan, Jeff Fraioli, Matej Sprla, Charles Wolfe (captain), Peter Wu.
Other players: Paolo Montalbano, Tsy Toquica.
Coach: Paolo Montalbano.

London Red Rebels
Starting Six: Marek Cynar, Massimo Esposito, Denzil Faure (captain), Hoanh Lam, Daniel Madejski, Dennis Ougrin,
Other Players: Pasha Grisenkov, Val Grisenkov, Nuno-Filipe Pina.
Coach: Denzil Faure

Referee: Alex Pavkov.

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