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Men's Div. 2 A : Southall disappoint at Tuskers
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2017/11/29 18:10:00 (166 reads)

Tuskers beat SGSS Southall (Men’s D2A - London Volleyball League)
21:18 21:17 21:12

After midnight return to west London
I suspect Southall had the longest journey in the division (equal to Tuskers to Southall, of course) but will have the later hour at which they return home. However it was worth it. They will be satisfied with their performance. Tuskers will be delighted with theirs and the victory.

The home side started brilliantly while the visitors took a while to settle, sliding behind 14:9 before staging an excellent come back to 17:19 and forcing Tuskers to dig deep to claim the set. Southall disappointed their coach again in the second, slipping quickly to 6:1 behind before outscoring their opponents for the remainder of the set. Sadly for them, the teams seemed to be very evenly matched and they could not get closer than 19:17 before ceding the set. After the match Raj told me that they found Tuskers better than they were used to and their blocking exposed a number of weaknesses in his team, preventing them from really getting going.

It was good to see Jonathan Doyle bring himself on for the third set and, after losing the opening rally serve four times in succession to earn a 5:1 lead. A side out and it was newcomer L Michele's turn to serve and he kept on until the lead was 12:2. For a third time, Southall more or less matched the scoring of their opponents to the end of the match. All that left the impression that the match should have been much closer than the scores indicate and I suspect Raj Sangha will have something to say about that at training this week.

Well done, both teams. Congratulations too to Southall for bringing so full a squad to a distant venue.

Harris Academy (Waverley), Peckham, 28th November

Starting six: Rafau Amibaba, Marcin Krawlzyk. Gregory Lojko, Hai-Binh Ly, Florin Margarit, L Michele.
Other Players: Joseph Barcelina, Jonathan Doyle (captain), Peter Nunoo,
Coach: Jonathan Doyle

SGSS Southall
Starting six: Luke Eurs-Cloan, Rajinder Sangha, Arvinder Singh, Charanjit Singh, Janpal Singh, Rajinder Singh.
Other players: Gurjort Singh, Kulwant Singh, Pardeep Singh, Shamsher Singh (captain),
Coach: Rajinder Sangha.

Referee: John Wycliffe.

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