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Men's Div. 2 B : Lynx maul Giants
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2017/11/6 12:40:00 (374 reads)

Giants 2 lost to London Lynx 2 (Men’s D2B - London Volleyball League)
21:12 21:6 18:21 13:21 9:15

Sudden turnaround of form
"Your report on Lynx's last match was not very kind," I was told on arriving at the game on Saturday (4th November). Well, I would not have been any more kind on their performance in the first two sets against Giants 2 either. So let's skip describing them save to say it looked like a contest between men and boys.

However, that's exactly what it was. Every one of the Lynx players was a teenager and the average age was 16½.

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It did not look much better in the third set which began with them losing the first three rallies and, although they played a bit better as Giants advanced to 16:8, it looked at that point as if the afternoon was to be a short one. Then Aaron Higgins produced a couple of big hits: a cross court spike on the left flank earned his side a ninth point, then hitting off the block won the next rally. Confidence seemed to flow into the youngsters' veins, the back court looked more secure and they played the basics well while Giants appeared to forget them as they strove for killing attacks from less than precise passes. Lynx had levelled things at 16:all before the home side won another point, a good hit in the middle by Marcus Clifford. Alas, the following serve went straight into the net and Giants' confidence looked to ebb away while Lynx's grew although it must be said that their advance from 18:19 depended entirely on their opponents errors.

The first four rallies of the fourth set went to Lynx and, although Giants managed to settle a bit, self belief and good team-work characterised Lynx's performance and they held their own through the remainder of the set, their eighteenth point typifying the play, a brilliant recovery in back-court by Lynx giving Giants an easy opportunity to set up a killing attack, only for the ball to be hit into the net.

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After changing ends in the fifth, each side scored seven points; it was close and tense but without any sign that Lynx youngsters would crack. They had taken a couple of points lead at 1:3 before imposing themselves on the set at 2:6 and advancing to 2:8. Coach Gary Beckford's experience was not going to let them slip from there but the credit really goes to the players and David Tran was delighted to see his attack from the left on match point spin out off the block before he was swamped by his equally delighted team mates.

No. I'm not being kind to Lynx. They deserved the win in part because Giants did not. And that's sport isn't it?

Caius House Youth Centre, Battersea, 4th November

Giants Men 2
Starting Six: Mark Angelo, Matthias Cuciniello, Rochas Gauthier, Idjiwa, Tomohisa Makino, Stefano Valloni (captain).
Libero: Duy Nyugen.
Other players: Marcus Clifford, Wenhao Li, Daniel Nesbitt, Nazzareno Scaglia, Petru Vulpan.
Coach: Anestic Kales.

London Lynx 2
Starting Six: Aaron Higgins, Michael Nguyen (captain), Xuanthe Nguyen, Tadas Saoauskas, Wicktor Szatanolu, David Tran.
Libero: G Ivanol.
Other players: Mohammed Ahmed, A Murie.
Coach: Gary Beckford,
Referee: Marcelo Radovan.

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