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Men's Div. 2 B : Dynasty overthrow Osemka 2
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2017/11/6 11:30:00 (320 reads)

Dynasty beat K S Osemka 2 (Men’s D2B - London Volleyball League)
21:19 21:16 21:15

Close game in Peckham
A good close game especially in the opening stages in which the home side eventually seized sufficient control to ease through the third set.

The first set was a scintillating one. Dynasty's Ling Luan, Jacky Cheong and Natthavut Kandthong were strong at the net but Osemka's defence held strong, Krzysztof Przyrozny, returned to the club after a season playing with Flaming Six Aces in the Premier Division, bolstering the back court. Mid set Osemka eased to a 13:17 lead but Dynasty battled back to level the score at 19:all before showing good composure to grab the first honours.

After Osemka had taken a 1:5 lead at its start only to be overhauled by Dynasty who raced to 7:5, the second set was equally close and the teams remained tied at 16:all. However, once again Dynasty's experience came into play and they then raced away and Osemka faded.

They changed their line-up but not the personnel for the third set and, once again made a good start but from 7:all the visitors again could not sustain their pressure against their experienced hosts and gradually, actually very slowly, Dynasty moved further in front to take the set and the match. It had been a good one and promises an interesting season to come.

Peckham Academy, Peckham Rye, 1st November

Starting Six: Jacky Lo Hong Cheong, Natthavut Kandthong, Steve Leung, Ling Luan, Uayporn Seeta, Mark Shek.
Libero: Cary Marcelo.
Other players: Libon Fung, Green Guo, Chao (Toby) Shen.
Coach: Libon Fung

K S Osemka 2
Starting Six: Darek Krajewski, .Leszek Lecnar, Witek Muskus, Krzysztof Przyrozny, Damian Skrok, Henry Szyszko,
Libero; Henri Bertrand.
Other players: Tomasz Stefanowicz, Adam Straburzynski,
Coach: Tomasz Stefanowicz.

Referee: John Wycliffe

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