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Men's Div. 2 B : Fireball engulfs Lynx
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2017/11/3 16:10:00 (153 reads)

Lynx 2 lost to Fireball (Men’s D2B - London Volleyball League)
6:21 9:21 7:21

One-sided season opener for Fireball
For a first league match of the season for each team, there was a surprising contrast in appearance. Fireball looked as though they had undergone an appropriate amount of training and play; Lynx looked underprepared.

Not until they won a seventh point in the second set to make the score 7:15, did Lynx win a single point on service. One rotation in the opening set and the sixth server's failure conceded the set. Having won that seventh point in the second, nothing else came from the next three serves and they were two sets down in 38 minutes.

Tadas Saoauskas got the third set under way with two successful serves and, suddenly, Lynx were 2:0 ahead. Sadly, from 5:6. it all fell apart again. Fireball moved to 6:9 and then 6:14 and, after a side-out, finished off the match, Eric Gargano enjoying himself at the net. It lasted just 14 minutes more.

Leyton VI Form College, Leyton, 29th October

London Lynx 2
Starting Six: Aaron Higgins (captain), Xuanthe Nguyen, Tadas Saoauskas, Kevin Shah, Wicktor Szatanolu, David Tran.
Libero: Mohammed Ahmed.
Other players: Michael Nguyen.
Coach: Antonio Codrington.

Starting Six: Joris Afriat, Krzysztof Dorosz, Eric Gargano, Herve Mottais (captain). Francisco Sanchez Del Solar, Rob Wykes.
Libero; Nicolas Vecchione.
Other players: Reuben Ruiz-Daum, Jay Sangha.
Coach: Marcelo Cordova.

Referee: Joanne Carne-Howell.

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