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Men's Div. 2 A : Thunderball terrify Onyx B
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2017/10/24 10:40:00 (368 reads)

Thunderball lost to Onyx B (Men’s D2A - London Volleyball League) 19:21 23:25 16:21
Forty-eight point second set
Everybody being present, ready and eager to play, the match started a few minutes early and Onyx roared away to a 3:10 lead despite a time-out at 3:8. It looked as though we'd be getting an early train home.

Then everything changed and the crowd (equal in size to that at the Malory v Lynx Super8 encounter on Saturday (21st October) but half Thunderball, half Onyx supporters) began to encourage their heroes, encouragement that provided a noisy atmosphere throughout the evening. Thunderball began their comeback. At 15:19 it looked as though they had left it too late but a steady if unspectacular spell by the home side brought them to 19:20 before Luiz Duarte hit off the block on the right flank to gain the point they were by now so desperately seeking.
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A truly competitive 23 minute second set followed. Early on there was nothing between the sides but Thunderball out-thought a second ball attack by Onyx's Ales Opatrny to go 10:7 ahead and retained the three point advantage to 17:20. Their supporters urging them on, Onyx made a spectacular comeback including two early attacks, the first a gift when the home side played for safety instead of going for the set. Onyx were now back in the game and first one side then the other led by the single point as the score mounted. At 23:all Thunderball setter was penalised for a double-touch (ref Rommel Medenilla had insisted on clean handing throughout the game) and Onyx's Luciano Quercia served an ace for his side to go two sets ahead.

Thunderball had something to say about that. They won the opening rally and four of the next five. Onyx regrouped and closed to 10:all before Thunderball again raised their game. They moved to 13:10. Onyx recovered to 14:all. They were fully fired up; at one point, with one player chasing a ball that had flown high, wide and long off the block and with the others getting into place for his retrieval, they had only one player actually on the court itself. The determination reaped its reward and Onyx, having got to 16:18 sensed a loss of heart on their hosts' part, earned match point with a magnificent spike off the block by Artem Chubazov on the left flank before taking the match in something of an anticlimax as a Thunderball blocker brushed the net.

This was an interesting match from the perspective of assessing the coming season. Thunderball are an experienced side, somewhat lacking in tall players: natural in a junior side from a large club, but skilled and determined while missing Jan Lieskovsky who injured his ankle playing on Saturday and expects to be out of action for two months. Onyx looked a mixture of talented experience and the relatively inexperienced. As the latter grow in skill, the squad should become a formidable side.

We can look forward to the rest of the season with anticipation. Let's hope it also includes spectators with the great attitude the evening's crowd showed: encouraging, supportive and appreciative not least in warmly applauding players and officials at the end of the evening.

City of Westminster College, Paddington Green, 23rd October

Starting six: Rossano Biagini, Olivier Dobo, Dimitri Ledkov, Thomas Lucas, Marcello Paolucci, Gene Suena.
Libero: Massimo Gallus.
Other players: Kwong Li, Elias Pean, Richard Tremblay (captain), Christopher Yoon.

Onyx B
Starting Six: Filipe de Almeida, Luiz Duarte, Janusz Piatek, Luciano Quercia (captain), Norbertas Rauba, Audrius Tracaikas.
Libero: Jordan Joven.
Other players: Artem Chubazov, Jezy Jurgelianecas, Ales Opatrny.
Coach: Heiner Alzate.

Referee: Rommel Medenilla.

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 Re: Thunderball terrify Onyx B
Beautiful and entertaining report. Thanks Douglas