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London Volleyball : LVA Committee looks to the future
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2017/9/23 16:15:29 (166 reads)

New plan on the agenda (Marketing - London Volleyball Association)
Is what we do up for sale?
Some years ago I worked in an area where horticulture dominated the local economy. On Monday mornings during the summer one conversation buzzed round the valley: "Where do we sell our lettuces tomorrow? Will the price be better at the market in Leicester or Derby? Will we sell more in Nottingham or Birmingham?"

That was the area's final stage in its marketing. You will notice it preceded the actual selling. With the subject on the agenda for the Association's committee meeting on 1st October, understanding the distinction will be pressed on its members. The two activities are often confused and too much attention paid to the selling before ascertaining "what" we should sell and "who" our customers are.

For there is another stage to marketing that the nurserymen carried out months earlier in the depth of winter. In December the questions were, "Do we plant tomatoes or lettuce? Should the lettuce be iceberg, butterhead, leaf or romaine?" It's not so simple a subject.

For this reason the committee will be asked to take time over its deliberations, to consult the association's members, to conduct good market research. Don't expect to learn the outcome of their deliberations for a little while but please do contribute to the debate particularly if you want to help our sport to flourish.

Yet in that there is a danger. Customers generally don't want to wait. Suppose, for example, potential sponsors come tomorrow to look at volleyball, whether interested in the Premier Division, Midget Men Volleyball Club or libero Joan Bloggs they will, before we are aware of it, be attracted to the lettuce that is clean and with a firm heart while rejecting the one that is malformed or with traces of slug. We don't want them to turn elsewhere. May I encourage everyone to prepare their volleyball "product" for market before the committee even thinks about asking.

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