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London Volleyball : Wanted, bums on floors
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2017/9/21 7:30:00 (115 reads)

National Sitting Volleyball Grand Prix (Volleyball England Competition)
Challenger to Lynx sought
Getting under way soon will be the national Sitting Grand Prix, a tournament played each month between October and February at the National Volleyball Centre in Kettering (either on a Saturday or Sunday).

The format allows teams to enter as many of the tournaments as they like and their players don't have to be part of a formal sitting volleyball club Indeed, anyone can just find five friends to join them and make a team. Those teams which enter every grand prix event will accumulate points to go towards an overall league standing and the top four teams in each division will then go on to play semi-finals and a final to establish the overall winner.

For the past two seasons the champions have been London's own East Lynx sitting volleyball club and they will be keen to stay on top. How healthy it will be, however, if they could be toppled, especially by another London side. Sadly, there is little time in which to enter for the closing date is Monday 2nd October. If you want more details and are interested in competing, please contact Vicky Widdup, Great Britain’s Sitting Volleyball vice-captain: email: sittingvolleyball.information@gmail.com after reading her appeal to find more sitting volleyball players on Volleyball England's web site: http://volleyballengland.org/news/art ... eal-launched-to-find-more.

It will be clear there is no excuse not to give this high-energy and fun sport a try.

Courtesy of Volleyball England

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