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Men's Div. 2 A : Crusaders finish season and Dynasty challenge
Posted by Douglas Barr-Hamilton on 2017/4/29 15:50:48 (279 reads)

Flaming Six Crusaders beat Dynasty (Men’s D2A - London Volleyball League)
21:18 21:9 21:10

Visitors good start and rapid decline
At the outset, Dynasty looked perfectly at home in this last away game of the season and from 4:5 imposed themselves on the first set as Flaming Six Crusaders looked rather over-ambitious in their choice of attacking shots. They settled after Adam Watkins called a time-out at 4:10 and the small crowd of spectators cheered them on as they drew level at 14;14 and then moved a couple of points ahead. Dynasty continued to play well but Crusaders, bit between the teeth, kept their advantage.

A spell of strong serving by Crusaders' setter, Derrick Ang, that included an ace at 4:0, took them to 5:0 and Dynasty's resistance seemed to collapse. A good hit off the block by Guiseppe Catania and a cross-court smash by Mark Shek apart, Crusaders were in full flow with Chris Taylor and Nacho Gil especially catching the eye in attack and in their blocking.

Dynasty began the third set well staying in contention to 4:4 and producing some good volleyball late in the set when all looked lost as they hung on from 15:6 to 18:10 before they were finished off. For Crusaders it was Jerome Facey and Edoando Dalmothe who did the greater harm at the net in this set although the most damage came from a spell of serving by Chris that took his side from 4:4 to 13:4 and came to an end only after the spectators persuaded him to jump-serve, the first one being successful, the second flying long.

Lambeth Academy, Clapham, 29th April

Flaming Six Crusaders
Starting six: Sander Alewijnse, Federico Andorino, Derrick Ang (captain), Mohamad Arasoghli, Jerome Facey, Chris Taylor.
Libero: Hilari Cabanes.
Other players: Chris Bartosiak-Jentys, Edoando Dalmothe, Arnaud Forget, Nacho Gil.
Coach: Adam Watkins.

Starting Six: Guiseppe Catania, Libon Fung, Steve Leung. James Pak, Jari Ripa, Mark Shek (captain),
Other players: Anthony Alexis, Teerasak Kaensa,
Coach: Libon Fung.

Referee: Marcelo Radovan

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