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Junior League : U15 Boys First Event of 2016
Posted by Charlie Orton on 2016/11/7 11:10:00 (333 reads)

The first event of the LVA U15 Boys Grand Prix was hosted at VK Barnet over the weekend. There was a great turnout, with 4 Clubs represented, Richmond VC with 4, Ernest Bevin College with 3, VK Barnet with 2 and Graveney School with 1.
All matches were 20 minutes long, 4-a-side on a Badminton Court.

The competition started with 2 pools of 5 teams and matches went to form with RVC A and EBC Red winning the all their games and topping the each group, to secure their place in the Semi-finals. That left 2nd and 3rd placed in the groups playing off in the quarter-final for the 2 remaining S-F places. Exciting close games with EBC just beating Graveney 34-31, and RVC B taking EBC Blue 36-30.
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The bottom 4 teams, VKB A and B, with RVC C and D, then played in a 4 Team Round Robin for 7th to 10th positions, games were much closer for these same ability teams.
So all set with the top 2 EBC teams against RVC's top 2 teams. RVC A convincingly took the match against EBC Green 46-20. However the second S-F was extremely tense. Half way through the match with pretty much level scores, RVC B lost a player to injury, and EBC Red, very sportingly (as they weren't obliged to) offered to reduce their team by one player, so one went off each rotation and then back on to serve. The match was even until RVC took an 1 point lead, and then with time called in the middle of the rally, it could have been a draw, but RVC sealed it and won 30-28.
Th Final was an RVC showdown between A and B. Both teams ended up having to play with only 3 players. However RVC A had more experienced beach players who had played with 3 throughout the event, and so already well drilled on court. This lead to a somewhat one sided game and a win to RVC A by 50-28.

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Great competitive spirit for the event and credit to all players who also took on their refereeing duties, without any issues.
Final Positions after 3/4 and 5/6 playoffs:

1. Richmond VC A
2. Richmond VC B
3. Ernest Bevin Green
4. Ernest Bevin Red
5. Graveney
6. Ernest Bevin Red
7. Richmond VC C
8. VK Barnet A
9. Richmond VC D
10. VK Barnet B

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