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Volleyball England Coaching Course
Recurring rule : Each month, the 1st Monday for 24 month
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Volleyball England
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Posted by AlexPavkov on Mon 8th of Oct 2018 14:04

As all coaches know Continuous Professional Development (CPD), and lifelong learning is key if a coach is to become the best they can be in the environment they are working within. It is important for a coach to identify what their personal development needs are and then to follow up with CPD that is specific to this and to keep up to date with the modern trends. With this in mind we have put together some ideas of workshops on offer to you:<br /><br />Sports Coach UK workshops - There is a comprehensive range of workshops available on offer to all coaches to access through Sports Coach UK. Examples include: Mentoring, Safeguarding...<br />First Aid Courses - There are numerous providers of differing levels of First Aid courses. You may find the basic sports offered by St Johns Ambulance here a good starting point<br />Courses from your local County Sports Partnership (CSP) - there are a number of courses run locally which can be accessed through your CSP. Click on this link to search for your CSP and find out more.