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London Spikers Volleyball Club  Popular

Green Spring Academy
Gossett Street
E2 6NW
Based in:

Tower Hamlets

Sunday: 11:45 - 14:00
Sunday: 13:45 - 16:00
Since 1995 London Spikers Volleyball Club has continued to attract players from across the globe to our 7 mens teams that cater for anyone from a complete beginner to an elite level player. We provide both coached and uncoached (casual) sessions. Location and time of coached sessions depends on the level (see below).

On Sundays we bring the entire club together on 3 courts for 4 hours of friendly recreational play sessions at all levels.

If you want to join (whether the coached or uncoached sessions) - please contact Newmembers@LondonSpikers.org for more info.

Teams Timetable
Apollo - Beginners - Tuesdays (near Arsenal) and Sundays (Bethnal Green)
Rockets - Upper Beginners - Thursdays (near Edgware rd)
Curveball - Lower Intermediate (non-league) - Tuesdays (Bethnal Green)
Thunderball - Intermediate (division 2) - Thursdays (near Edgware rd)
Fireball - Upper Intermediate (division 2) - Wednesdays (Bethnal Green)
Powerball - advanced (division 1) - Wednesdays (Bethnal Green)
Spikers - premier level - Tuesdays (Edgware rd)