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Coaches : Men's Division 2 Coach Print 
Location : Hammersmith, London    
Contact : Preferably by email

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Published on : 2020/5/19  
Accessible until : 2020/6/30  
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Description : Londinium VC, based in Hammersmith, London, is looking for a coach to train its men’s team in the London League Division 2 for the 2020/2021 season.
The coach would need to be available for official matches as well as 2 hours of training each week.
The successful candidate will:
Have 3-4 years of volleyball coaching experience in the UK or abroad
Have a desire to develop further and implement technical, tactical and pedagogical skills
Be willing to work with the Technical Director and be available for monthly meetings on technical updates
Prepare a technical programme with detailed objectives (short, medium and long term) within the first month of coaching with the club.
The position will be paid according to coaching experience. If you are interested please email us.