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Coaches : Coach wanted for Polonia IMKA Print 
Location : London    
Contact : Preferably by email

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Published on : 2018/5/16  
Accessible until : 2018/6/19  
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Description : Polonia Ladies Volleyball club
Position Title: Polonia IMKA Head Coach
Training Venue: Kensington Aldridge Academy, Westminster Academy, Moberly Sports centre. (You will be required to coach at some but not all of these sessions)
Training Days & Hours: Wednesdays and or Thursday 8-10pm
Home Match Venue: St. Benedict’s School Sports Hall (10 minute’s walk from Ealing Broadway Station) Some home matches may be scheduled on training evenings.
Match Days: As per the London Volleyball Association Schedule.
Qualifications: Mandatory Level II and ideally Level III, or equivalent, and coaching experience, with experienced.
Polonia IMKA Successes: London premier league runners up for the past four years. National shield finalists 2017-2018. Surrey cup runners up 2016-2017
Responsibilities of the Polonia IMKA Head Coach:
1. Leads the training sessions.
2. Selects Players and coach the IMKA Team during matches as per the London Volleyball Association schedule.
3. Prepares line-ups and game strategies for matches.
4. Promotes team spirit and focussed training drills, as well as provides leadership and guidance to players.
5. Serves as a role model by exhibiting good ethical and professional conduct.
6. Welcomes new players to the sessions and effectively communicate with players.
7. Works in partnership with team captain to ensure that communication is effective between the team and the coach.
8. Develops training sessions beforehand and be ready to adapt them according to the level and number of participants at a given session.
9. Works closely with the other senior club personnel, for example, Club head coach, Club chair/ Vice chair and other club coaches as appropriate to developing player pathways.
10. Inform club chair of any planned holidays or absence in advance.
11. Participates in Club meetings.
12. Safeguards participants’ personal information, and if no longer needed, ensure this removed. Ensure player contact details are up to date and shared with the chair as appropriate.
13. Ensure all match administration is carried out as per the LVA rules i.e player registration, posting of scoresheets, collection of match fees.
14. Adheres to Volleyball England & London Sport Good Practice & Child Protection guidelines.
15. Resources available for the IMKA Head Coach: official net + antennas, balls, ball caddy, and access as required to agility ladders, medicine balls, weights, hurdles, to work on physical conditioning as well as volleyball skills.
Remuneration: Although club coaches are currently working on a voluntary basis, the club compensates with free kits and pays for training courses, which include, safeguarding and child protection, DBS check and first aid.