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Getting Involved
Posted by Darryl Collins on 2018/1/8 12:30:00 (6175 reads)

New to London and want to get playing, or interested volleyball and want to get involved? 

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Volleyball resources for London
Posted by Charlie Orton on 2018/1/8 11:00:00 (2965 reads)

Please use the index on the righthand side Arrow - right

If you are registered on the site please log-in first

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People to contact
Posted by Charlie Orton on 2018/1/8 1:40:00 (33380 reads)

If you are looking for places to play or groups/teams/clubs to join  Playing Enquiries

The Executive can be contacted by these links:

Association matters  Executive Officers
London Volleyball League  Divisional Administrators
Topics within our game  Special Interest Groups
Submitting items for News, Events, courses etc or Small ads  Submissions Editor

National matters   Volleyball England

 Coaching and referee Courses  VE Courses Page

 .... or other enquiries  Site Administrator

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Who we are and what we do
Posted by Darryl Collins on 2010/4/1 18:00:00 (2746 reads)

The London Volleyball Association (LVA) is the governing body for volleyball in London.

We are a voluntary organisation whose aim is promoting volleyball within the London area.

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LVA Funding
Posted by Darryl Collins on 2010/3/30 18:50:00 (1542 reads)

Where does the money come from? And why isn't it more ...

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Terms & Conditions
Posted by Darryl Collins on 2010/3/29 12:30:00 (1236 reads)

The agreement Registered Users make during registration.

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Privacy Policy
Posted by Darryl Collins on 2010/3/28 13:00:00 (1246 reads)

We take your privacy seriously, but there are limits ...

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Our Constitution
Posted by Charlie Orton on 2009/1/12 14:00:00 (1641 reads)

Our constitution in pdf format is attached below

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