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Published Date: 2010/4/1 18:00:00
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The London Volleyball Association (LVA) is the governing body for volleyball in London.

We are a voluntary organisation whose aim is promoting volleyball within the London area.


The Association is governed by its constitution which says we have a President and an Executive Committee comprising a Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and a number of other Officers. These posts are filled by members through elections.

The Executive Committee is given powers to manage the affairs of the Association and the President (who serves for three years) is specifically there to make sure the Executive Committee doesn't over-step its remit.

The Executive Committee along with others work together in Special Interest Groups to deliver activities in particular areas.


Most of our effort goes into supporting youth volleyball development and running volleyball leagues in London.

Our flagship competitions are the London Leagues which are open to any team in London with our Men's and Women's leagues attracting strong teams. The competition is organised to promote a higher standard of matches as teams progress through the divisions. There are also London teams playing in the English National League and in the county leagues of Essex, Herts, Surrey, and Kent.

The LVA also runs tournaments, as well as fielding representative teams in national competitions, like the InterRegional Junior and the Senior County/Area Cup, organised by Volleyball England.

Courses for coaches and referees are promoted by the LVA and run with support from Volleyball England.

Developing young players and teams is a priority for the LVA. We encourage established clubs to run junior sessions and look to improve links between clubs and schools.  The LVA also offers financial assistance to talented youngsters so that they can attend national training camps.

London volleyball, reflects the diversity of Londoners and the LVA is committed to maintaining this diversity. We are particularly concerned with increasing the number of girls and women participating in volleyball at all levels.

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