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Author : Charlie Orton
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Published Date: 2017/10/13 20:26:52
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Cormac Byrne

London Volleyball Association

Executives Meeting

1st Oct 2017



14.00 Start


Welcome by Charlie Orton



Charlie Orton,

Michele Hallam

Cisel Ormanci,

Andrew Haggard,

Elsa Meserlian - joined via conference call

Next meeting - 3rd December , 4pm to 6pm

Copper Box Arena - covering extra costs and passing over to Lionhearts. Cisel to arrange a meeting with Legacy cooperation, in the meantime Lionheart bookings will continue coming through via LVA.


                                                                                                                                    Action: Cisel Ormanci


Member club finance - LVA role - clubs to send their accounts so then we can see whats going on, LVA can encourage good maintenance, clubs can simply submit their accounts as part of the affiliation. Some thoughts to be put into this.


                                                                                                                                    Action: Andrew Haggard


Junior League entry fee- Currently it is £50 per team for junior team League entry, funds have been used to accommodate games and pay for courts where teams couldn’t afford. Dropping fees to £25 this year as a deposit has been suggested by Elsa Meserlian. Elsa needs the money for incidental occasions. £25 agreed by Execs. Noted : 3 teams who have not paid yet.


Advertising LL requirements -

Douglas’ marketing paper to be presented- Douglas is keen on advertising on Super 8 teams matches, 28 mens in super 8 per season, 14 in total for women , Elsa is supporting marketing strategy. Primary concern for Elsa is we have to the set up for our branding template, top that up with marketing strategies, focus on the website, marketing campaigns , couple of hundreds pounds needed, no more. what’s VE doing right now - weekend review written by Michael Hallam, and this has been very popular,  if teams can send their match reports that’d be useful for Michael, he has already contacted BBC . if we are in touch more with our S8 teams in London and encourage them to start writing reports like a self report.


Elsa’s input - some matches would be a good showcase, formal marketing role,

who are we and what we want to change to be discussed every season.


Target: how to get people from knowing volleyball to playing volleyball.


Measurement: regression modelling


Budget for Elsa’s project and Cisel’s events promotion on FB



London League website- Current quote £1000

Needed on the new site:

Match reports on LVA games

Showing the game results

Coaches profile

Electronic player registration - Cisel is already applying electronic registrations via PDF

Referee platform


We will keep on working on what we need on the new website


More thought on : player registration to be done together with VE and LVA to keep costs effective?


London Cup -  do it this year or next year? LVA centric ? NVL not eligible for the cup , just LVA teams and more junior teams.

A lot of London teams entered VE cup this year. £35 for the cup. Do the games around New Year . Fixtures can be played over a period of 2 weeks. VE Cup summary . Maybe limit to 16 teams the 1st year? how interested the clubs would be if there was a prize for it?


                                                                                                                                    Action: Andrew Haggard.


Social Media - we have a new Facebook page - LVA FB promotions? Cisel to quantify the amount needed.


                                                                                                                                    Action: Cisel Ormanci


Juniors at Polonia Academy -

Questions to ask Polonia Academy:

how many juniors are registered ?

how much are they investing in player progression?

It is quite a lot of money, if it’s a loan how they will pay back?

We will ask Frankie for some more details.


                                                                                                                                                Action: Charlie Orton


GDPR - general data protection - LVA needs to make sure that we are GDPR protected.


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