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Author : Charlie Orton
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Published Date: 2018/5/3 7:50:00
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We need to know if your teams from 2017-18 are going to re-enter, so we can ensure they and other existing teams are allocated to the correct divisions.

We would like to receive your entry fees early, as that is a strong positive indicator that you are committed to taking part.

Entering on-line involves a form for each team (name, contact details etc.) and a single master form (summarizing fees and deposits for all your teams, club details etc.). 

You will be sent a reminder if any team's Goodwill Deposit needs to be topped up.
The League Entry fee is currently set at £60 per team.
In due course we will also require that your club is affiliated to Volleyball England.
Entries will re-open in June 2018
The important part of your entry concerns the day and time of your match days and those dates when you cannot play.


Almost all clubs managed the on-line method last year - it really saves a lot of hassle at our end - but they will be accepted by post as well.

Team Details
(on-line form)

Master Entry
(on-line form)

Download form

Proforma Invoice

Goodwill Deposit

Each team must start the season with their Goodwill Deposit at £50. Many teams carry over their deposit from season to season and you can check which teams need to submit, or top-up, their Goodwill Deposit in the Entry Tracker below.


The entry fee is £60 per team. 

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