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Published Date: 2011/7/6 11:30:00
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Minutes of meeting

End of Season Meeting

of the

London Volleyball League

Held at Westminster City Hall, 64 Victoria Street, London SW1E 6QP on Sunday 27th June 2009 at 13:45

Charlie Orton, Chairman of the London Volleyball Association opened the meeting at 13.45 by welcoming all attendees. This was followed by Divisional reports.

1 Divisional Administrators Reports

For full results click here and select division.

Women's Premier, D1 and D2

Some verbal reports were delivered to the meeting.

Men's Premier, D1A, D1B

Some verbal reports were delivered to the meeting.

Men’s Division 2 (Blue and Red)

Let’s reverse the order of thanks this year. Putting them first this time would seem right. Also right that first mention goes to club and team secretaries without whose excellent administration the season would have been impossible. Somewhat surprised by the increase in the number of entries, we made an uncertain start to season and the fixture list arrived a bit later than we intended so required a later beginning and a conclusion confused by a surfeit of Bank Holiday weekends. Thank you. On behalf of everyone, I also express my thanks to Charlie for that initial fixture list which again proved resilient and for his referee service. I thank Darryl for the ever improving web site, and, finally, all those who refereed, scored or provided other services without which we would not have managed. Above all, specific thanks to the division’s players for good sportsmanship, enthusiasm and evident involvement.

Redesigning the league meant that men’s division two lost over half its teams from last year as division one effectively doubled in size. Getting to know more new fellow-administrators than usual was an additional, if agreeable, addition to our task. I am delighted, therefore, at the way the divisions have run although insufficient matches were played in the Red Division. While the league table shows that seven games were not completed, as many again were conceded most notably by Metropolitan Police who were frustrated not only by the closure of their sports hall but by unexpectedly demands on the time of players who had expected to be off duty. I thank them for their cheerful approach despite these frustrations and the efficient way in which they reorganised their fixtures. Inexperience would seem to have been behind most of the other problems compounded by unfamiliarity with a new, untypical, guidelines for the Academy team through Malory Eagles club. At the other end of the table: the top, congratulations to Blackjacks and IVA Boustan for two close, exciting matches both won by the former to give us two Flaming Six teams with a 100% record for the season. A break for applause, I think.

Competition was closer in the Blue Division and, even though challenged on several occasions, UCL finished top and undefeated and, although three clubs left it rather late, all matches were completed well within the extension to the season into May. Fireball looked a much improved side and the club’s determination to keep to the fixture list proved a model to the rest of the division.

The registration system worked well from my point of view but I am worried that it operates very much on trust: not too big a concern at the bottom strata but open to abuse. We need to be watchful.

One team in each division was slow in sending in score sheets so I was once again able to post match reports soon after most games and, as last year, it seemed to build interest in the competition. I intend to continue the practice.

The system of match invitations and confirmations has worked well in all but a very few cases but I repeat last year’s comment that match arrangements could be made still easier should club secretaries, when entering the competition, ensure that all details on the application form are complete and accurate and add a note of dates which they know will be unsuitable so the organiser can take their need into consideration before constructing the schedule of fixtures. I would also ask team secretaries pay longer term attention to upcoming fixtures so, if reorganisation is necessary, more alternatives are available. These points apply particularly to teams with players who are students preparing for exams late in the season and teams using educational facilities that can be closed for holidays and examinations.

There are probably several failings for which I must apologise but I am most disappointed that I got to so few matches during the first half of the season. This resulted from a health problem which made it difficult to travel far until put right at Barts in December so I apologise to all I am today seeing for the first time.

Next season the eyes of the world will be upon us as London prepares for its Olympic Games. In particular, people searching for an Olympic sport to take up are likely to look at our second division and be attracted or repelled. I’m on record as saying I want ours to be the best administered division in English volleyball. With your help, I shall work to that end. It will give enjoyment to all and a fillip to the sport we love.

Douglas Barr-Hamilton

2 Season feedback

There was an open and full debate covering the following topics:

Minimum court time of 2.5 hours

There was no obvious support for this. Several speakers said their venues only allowed 60 minute slots which would force them into a wasteful 3 hour booking. Others said that although unfinished matches were undesirable the rules about match start and finish does at least allow determining a result.

Score sheet submission - methods and timing

The general view was that teams wanted scores on the website as quickly as possible. Texting and emailing results, sending scanned score sheets and allowing teams put up their own scores were all suggested to speed things up. However it was understood that the original score sheet still had to be verified by the Div Admin before the league points could be assumed correct. Putting up scores in advance of score sheet checking would be more work for the Div Admin and those that are 'slow' now might be even slower with the extra work. It was left to individual Div Admins to decide how they wished to deal with this issue.

Academy teams - first year comments

No problems were reported. Darius (Ernest Bevin Academy) reported that the team benefited from the competition and they intended to continue in the league.

Player registration cut-off date - rule and objective mis-match

Several speakers didn’t know there was a cut-off! It is 31st March. There was no strong feeling about changing this rule. Tad Dan (K. S. Osemka) suggested a cut-off before the first match of the season, say, for registering at least eight players. This would spread the work load for the Div Admins and encourage teams to get organized early.

Referees all booked through LVA

This was brought up by Edmond (Fireball ) as a way to help all teams get a range of referees at their home matches. Teams that book their own officials often use the same one repeatedly which was thought a bad idea. Charlie was reluctant to support this as it would make the league even more dependant on his personal 'officials allocation service'.

Scorers at matches - competency

Although some matches had suffered because of poor scorers the general standard in the league was thought to be very high. London has run scorers courses and some teams pay for outside scorers for their matches. Other leagues are far worse in this regard. We should continue offering training courses and encouraging scorer development. Charlie noted that scorers were being requested and appointed to matches where the club could not find a willing and competent person.

Divisional Administrators - Guide book (duties, best practices, etc.)

As the league has multiple administrators it has been suggested that a guide book would be useful. It would bring consistency and provide a starting point for new administrators. An author is needed.

3 Rules Cases - an aid to interpretation

Some of the league rules are difficult to interpret. A new web page has been started, near the rules web page, where some interpretations are shown using specific examples. The intent is to help both teams and the Div Admins understand how the league rules should be applied.

4 Rule changes for next season

None expected.

5 Illegal players review

Following Darryl's (LVA Secretary) report to the Executive about an illegal player in a match they asked him to review the working of rule 4. The review has only just started and this is what he reported so far....

Some of you are aware we are undertaking a review of rule 4. Specifically where it concerns illegal players in matches. This may take some time to complete and will involve consultations with teams, clubs and divisional administrators. Indeed all the administrators, and through them, all teams have already been invited to participate in an initial survey - and thanks to those who have responded.

We have started this review because , while officiating at matches, I have become aware of a deliberate breach of rule 4 where one player impersonated another, most likely in collaboration with the team coach. This was a case of bare-faced and deliberate cheating. Also, it is precisely the sort of behaviour that our rules on registration cards and score sheets are intended to prevent.

I'm not going to go into the specific details of this case apart from saying that although I reported the incidents to the divisional administrators the matter couldn't be followed up because copies of registration cards and score sheets were not available to compare with the photographic evidence and notes made at the matches.

Competing clubs spend much valuable time dealing with player registration, getting score sheets to matches and finding competent scorers to fill them in. You do this this in the belief it ensures a fair competition. Unfortunately, with this recent experience, I have to tell you it does not. If we want to guarantee a fair competition - with respect to player eligibility - some changes are needed.

We have only just started this review and don't really know how long it will take or where it will lead. However if we wish to prevent illegal players in our league we must be able to police rule 4 which we can't do at the moment. So, at the end of this process, we should expect to do some things differently which may put extra a burden on players, clubs, divisional administrators or all three.

Following that address he asked the meeting:

Do you want to stop illegal players? The overwhelming response was they did.

A second question about how much people would be prepared to pay in money terms for more certainty that matches didn't have illegal players (£2 a player? £5 per player? £20 per team?) provoked more discussion than answers.

6 Presentation of trophies

Trophies and awards were presented to divisional winners and runner ups.

DivisionWinnerRunner up

Women's Premier

(by Antonio Codrington)

League awards 2011 - WP(1st) - Cristina Maddedu
Swiss Cottage
(Cristina Madeddu)
League awards 2011 - WP(2nd) -
London QKX

Women's Division 1

(by Charlie Orton)

League awards 2011 - W1(1st) - Gaby Xavier/
(Gaby Xavier and Aisha Daley-George)
League awards 2011 - W1(2nd) - Emanuel Balsamo
(Volleyball Director - Emanuel Balsamo)

Women's Division 2

(by Stuart Fullerton)

Imperial CollegeLeague awards 2011 - W2(2nd) -
K.S. Osemka

Men's Premier

(by Charlie Orton)

League awards 2011 - MP(1st) -
London Spikers

Men's Division 1A

(by Charlie Orton)

League awards 2011 - M1a(1st) - Richard Marriot
Wapping Wildcats
(Richard Marriot)
League awards 2011 - M1a(2nd) -
Polonia Panthers
(Rafal Wlodarski)

Men's Division 1B

(by Charlie orton)

League awards 2011 - M1b(1st) - Ric Palluotto
Flaming Six Aces
(Ric Palluotto)
League awards 2011 - M1b(2nd) - Emanuel Balsamo
(Emanuel Balsamo)

Men's Division 2 Blue

(by Charlie Orton)

University CollegeLeague awards 2011 - M2b(2nd) - Edmond Lee
(Edmond Lee)

Men's Division 2 Red

(by Charlie Orton)

League awards 2011 - M2r(1st) -
Flaming Six Blackjacks
(Keegan Rowe, Dan Farley and coach Rob Hindges)
IVA Boustan

7 Any other business


Meeting closed at 15:25

Teams present
Women's Premier

Flaming Six Angels
London Lionhearts 1
London Lionhearts 2
London QKX
Swiss Cottage

Women's 1Croydon
Flaming SIx Blaze
London Lionhearts 3
Wapping Wildcats
Women's 2K.S. Osemka
Men's PremierLondon Lionhearts
London Spikers
TH Lynx 1
Men's 1ABalham Bears
Polonia Panthers
TH Lynx 2
Wapping Wildcats 1
Men's 1BCroydon
Flaming Six Aces
KS Osemka
Men's 2 BlueFireball
TH Lynx 3
Wapping Wildcats 2
Men's 2 RedFlaming Six Blackjacks


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