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Rules 2014-15
Posted by Charlie Orton on 2014/10/13 17:30:07 (6 reads)


1.               ADMINISTRATION




1.1.1.        All teams in competitions administered by the London Volleyball Association must be representatives of clubs who are members of the Association and affiliated to Volleyball England.  Entry fees must be paid with the application form.


1.1.2.        Each team of a club that is not affiliated with Volleyball England will start the season with a 10 point penalty. This can be reduced to 0 if the affiliation comes through before 31 December of the season, or 5 if they get affiliated by 30 April.


1.1.3.        A goodwill deposit must be maintained at a level set by the London Executive.




1.2.1.        Any application to participate in a competition organised by the London Volleyball Association will constitute acceptance of these rules and conditions.


1.3.         MANAGEMENT


1.3.1.        The League will be run by a League Sub-Committee of the Association. Each Division will be run by a Divisional Administrator appointed by the London Executive annually.  The League Sub-Committee will consist of all the Divisional Administrators and a member of the Executive.


1.4.         LEAGUE MEETING


1.4.1.        All teams should send a representative to the League Meeting of the London Volleyball Association.




1.5.1.        Amendments to these rules may be made by the Executive Committee of the London Volleyball Association at any time. However, in normal circumstances amendments applicable to a particular season would not be made after entries have been received.


2.               MATCH ORGANISATION


2.1.         SETTING DATES


2.1.1.        Published match dates are treated as confirmed. Any date change request must be made to the opposition and Divisional Administrator with at least two weeks’ notice.


2.1.2.        A request to change a match date must include the reason for requesting the change and 3 alternative dates which do not clash with known fixtures of the opposition.  If the Divisional Administrator accepts the reason as being beyond the control of the Club and their Players, and the dates are acceptable, then they will inform the opposition that they should accept one of the proposed dates within a week of the notice.


2.1.3.        A team not adhering to the timetable of re-arrangement will be deemed to default at the original date if a new date is not agreed with opposition and noted with Divisional Administrator within two weeks of such rescheduling request.


2.1.4.        An away team who do not turn up and do not give notice will be liable to match officials’ costs incurred by the home team.


2.1.5.        The team rescheduling the original fixture will be liable to any costs incurred by the home team.




2.2.1.        The home team must offer the arrangements in writing to the secretary of the visiting team (In writing includes email, fax or postal correspondence.). This correspondence should be received at least two weeks but no more than 4 weeks before the proposed date for the match.


2.2.2.        The arrangements will include the venue, start time of the warm-up and time of the first service. There must be at least twenty minutes between these times.


2.2.3.        The visiting team must confirm the arrangements in writing within one week of receiving the offer.


2.2.4.        All correspondence must be retained in case of a dispute arising.


2.2.5.        Any team who cannot make the confirmed match date will normally default the match which means the team loses the match by 0-25 0-25 0-25.


2.3.         MATCH START


2.3.1.        Matches shall be played with first service between 7.30pm and 9pm on a Monday-Friday evening, or between 11am and 8pm at weekends, or at other times with the agreement of both teams.


2.3.2.        At least two hours of court time must be booked per game.


2.3.3.        Late arriving players can play in the match provided their names are on the scoresheet at the beginning of the match.  They cannot play until the start of a new set after their arrival.


2.3.4.        Any reason for the late start of a fixture must be recorded on the scoresheet, prior to the first service.


2.3.5.        An incomplete team will lose the first set 25-0 at the scheduled match start time, and the second set 25-0 15 minutes thereafter, and then default the match 3-0 15 further minutes thereafter.


2.3.6.        When a late arriving team becomes complete, they can have a 10-minute warm up, but the sets lost through lateness would stand.


2.4.         MATCH END


2.4.1.        If the match runs over scheduled court time, the referee should allow the match to finish as much as possible.  Based on information available to the referee, he/she should call time on the match when it can continue no more.


2.4.2.        An incomplete match would be given to the team with the most sets won.  For this purpose, an incomplete set is counted as a win for the team with a lead of 2 or more points, otherwise a tie.  If set scores are tied, winner is the team with a ‘points total’ of at least two more than their opponents. If teams are still tied, then the two teams each get 2 league points.


3.               THE MATCH


3.1.         RULES


3.1.1.        Matches will be played to FIVB rules as published by Volleyball England.  Matches will be played to the best of 5 sets, unless mutual agreement, obtained in advance, is reached.

3.1.2.        In the Premier Divisions (Men & Women) Sets 1 to 4 will be played to 21 points with a 2 point margin.


3.2.         SCORESHEETS


3.2.1.        The home team must provide a visual scoreboard.  Official scoresheets must be used for all fixtures, the responsibility for which will lie with the home club, and all sections must be completed.  The winning team will be responsible for sending the top copy of the scoresheet to the Divisional Administrator, postmarked no later than seven days after the fixture.


3.3.         VENUE


3.3.1.        Ordinarily, a valid fixture must take place inside the London Region.  If a club intends to play a London League fixture outside of the region:           more than twice in one season permission must be sought from the Divisional Administrator to validate the fixtures.           less than three times in one season, the club need only seek the agreement from the opposition in advance.



4.               PLAYERS


4.1.         ELIGIBILITY


4.1.1.        All divisions of the London League constitute one single competition.


4.1.2.        A player can only represent one club in the competition


4.1.3.        A player's registration (4.2) associates them with a team. When a player's club has more than one team the player may represent other teams from the club that are in higher divisions for up to a combined total maximum of three games.


4.1.4.        Players, who are registered as U18 juniors with the Divisional Administrator by submission of their Date of Birth with registration, may play up any number of times per season. Age is taken at 1st Sept of the start of season.


4.1.5.        Men cannot play in the Women's section of the Competition, and neither can women play in the Men's Section.


4.1.6.        All players must have uniform shirts each distinctly numbered between 1 and 99.


4.1.7.        Banned members are deemed ineligible until the ban is served.


4.2.         REGISTRATION


4.2.1.        The Club must get the agreement of each player to be registered with them for the current season.


4.2.2.        All Players must have a registration card, which should be presented at each match, and the number recorded against the player, and their shirt number, on the score sheet.  Clubs entering more than one team must specify for which team each player is registered.


4.2.3.        Existing registrations can be renewed before league starts, and new registrations can be registered on the match day, where his/her card is sent to Divisional Administrator together with the scoresheet.


4.2.4.        No registration will be accepted after 31 March.


4.3.         TRANSFERS


4.3.1.        Players may transfer between teams once per season providing:           - The current Club is not left with less than 6 players.           - No money or kit etc. is owed to the current club.           - The transfer is completed before 1 April.


4.3.2.        A current club refusing to release a player on either of the above grounds must provide written proof to support their claim.

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