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London Volleyball Association

We're the governing body of volleyball in London and run the London Volleyball Leagues for men and women, support junior squads representing London in national competitions and help with referees and coaches.

Clubs in London welcome players of all standards into the indoor, beach and sitting versions of the game.

Recent News
  • [2019/1/21] Polonia and Orcas' promising opening
    Two successes at Wessex (men's and women's National League)
    Malory men triumph at home
    IBB Polonia and Orcas both made an encouraging start to the new phase of the Super League and ensured they made a mark on the top tier of five teams competing for the supreme title.
  • [2019/1/18] Prime Time Volleyball
    Eurosport show 5 min of volleyball at 18:00
  • [2019/1/17] Super League second stage starts
    London team matches (men's and women's National League)
    Malory Eagles play at home, IBB Polonia and Orcas away in Wessex
    For some teams the Christmas break has seemed a long one. Others in knock-out competition are back into their stride. This weekend (19/20th January) the super League restarts in earnest in this year's new format that divides the divisions into a top half and a bottom half for the final part of the competition.
  • [2019/1/15] Inter play Onyx in Shield quarter-final
    Onyx beat Richmond, third round result (Women’s knock-out Shield)
    Richmond beaten at Harrow Club
    Playing at Onyx Harrow Club home court in the shadow of Grenfell Tower, Richmond fell to the home side after four close sets.
  • [2019/1/14] Two wins for Richmond
    Varied fortunes for London teams (men's and women's National League)
    Mixed results for Baks and Dartford; Inter disappoint.
    In both men's and women's division two, Richmond move up to second place in their league table, the women with a game in hand over the leaders, and so each keeps up its challenge for promotion and title. Elsewhere, London results were mixed.
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